Welcome to the House of Kentai.

The goal of our brand is to bring together and provide entertainment to like minded individuals and provide a place for us to socialize and converge our ideas and personalities. The House of Kentai started off as a private stream for my wife Kristen. As she was out of state attending college in Pennsylvania, I was on the other side of the country (Arizona) working to supporting her and our home.

I provided nightly entertainment over Twitch because the lack of funds to travel and provide us with time together over our digital dates. After a few streams random viewers started showing up and chatting, showing interest in the entertainment provided. After a few months of this I decided to give streaming 100%, gathered the minimum sources/peripherals to provide the illusion a halfway decent stream and the rest was just growing and investing one month to the next till what you have or will see today on our stream.

Our stream focuses on production value, smooth and graphically pleasing, and we focus on free entertainment, no monetary support is asked for, this is my hobby, no one needs to pay for the entertainment provided. The brands main entertainment is our Twitch channel, we have our hands in art, merchandise, music, and branching into video production via Youtube. We have came along way since I started this hobby, and proud of what its become and excited to keep progress.

My name is Kennedy.

I started off playing video games very young, first game I played was on the PC, a game called Commander Keen 4. From there on I was a big fan of anything I could get my hands on, Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and always kept up with PC games as long as I could afford it. Mowed quite a few for video games growing up, the drive to play games. Currently, although I do play everything I can on stream, I’ve taken a real interest in roguelike, metroidvania, and indie titles, and seems to have become the niche but do jump around especially for games the catch my interest. Not only do we play games on stream, occasionally we do some art streams, other streams may include my two beautiful dogs “Tugboat” and “Nott the Brave”. Thank you for supporting this hobby of mine, as I continue to evolve this brand, time and conversation is the most valuable support anyone can give and be part of the community.