Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Going

Finally, between working, streaming, wife, and the puppies, here is the first blog post after the launch of this site. I would have to say the release was a huge success. Thank you everyone who came out, it was exactly what I wanted, nothing to big, not to small either. Didn’t realize how much went into designing the site nor launching one to boot. Even with someone else doing all the technical stuff, there was a ton of shit that goes into it. Sunny, thank you for that by the way.

Now the site is released, little attention is needed on that front, I can go back to focus on live stream related stuff. We have a lot of games I want to get started on this month. Hollow Knight is so close to being finished I can taste it, Mario Galaxy will be making an appearance soon. I started the game called Ender Lillies, very fun but completed the entirety of the early access content one stream. Im pretty sure Immortal Fenyx will be taking a backseat, really enjoy the game but I think its just not a stream game for me. Instead of force myself into games I am a bit uncomfortable with, I’m going to listen to my gut and try to do what feels right for the brand. Let’s be honest, even when I ask you all what we should play, your just going to tell me whatever I feel like playing. Terraria and Dead Cells will become a more regular thing going forward as well, and Fatal Falls is absolutely amazing. I have a code actually to be given away on stream for Fatal Falls and in Terraria, I’m going to make master mode my bitch.

New year, new games, same old House of Kentai. So now that a few new games are in the works, what direction will House of Kentai go with the brand. I think the next step for us is to make some YouTube content or at least give it a shot. The part of content creation for me that is the most fun, next to conversing with you all, is the production. Things such as the recording, editing, art, scene creation. I had an idea for awhile now to make a series called Methodical Metroidvania. High production value, playthroughs with the bullshit cut out. And speed up the grindy parts. That way I get to showcase all my favorite games. I want to make content with respectively little post production work but with the quality we present on the stream currently. Also don’t want to just put my streams on YouTube, I understand the reason people do it just think its an opportunity to bring new people around without being repetive. So there is the direction behind the scenes so far. Might not seem like alot but it’s what I can manage with my free time and downtime at work.

All around though, this experience, the achievements of 2020 and previous, and what we hope to achieve this year has been really fun to execute. Wouldn’t trade this hobby for anything. And I’m happy where we are at, the growth is fun, but I’m pretty content as is, sometimes can’t even keep up with you all. I’d be happy if it just stayed as is, I’m not greedy man. Anyways, this is just a blog where I ramble about whatever I think about at work.

Love you all!