Dual PC Streaming +

We finally finished the dual streaming setup, took today off the stream to get things dialed in, still waiting on our new CPU and Motherboard for it since our old 7700k will most likely not cut it or future proof ourselves.

Quality looks good but looking forward to playing Immortal Fenyx Rising on Wednesday the 16th at 9am (EST). Our test stream went pretty solid, but gonna swap out the GPU since some artifacts came to fruition with the old mining card we picked up a year or so ago. Get ready for a quality bump and a happy Kennedy.

Games we will be playing this week will be Morbid: The Seven Acolytes, Dead Cells (Alpha), and of course the title mentioned above. As I am writing this right now, this blog post is the final part I needed to finish to get the site completed for release before Christmas (fingers crossed). Its exciting to finally get some motivation to complete the final task. I know April 2018 was the month I got affiliate, although its not a real difficult milestone to achieve, it is a milestone and that is the day I choose to call my start to twitch, anything before that is just a lead up to really deciding if streaming is a activity for someone. I was thinking possibly of actually doing a celebration this year, not a subathon, not anything to promote you all spending money, but something to give back to you more than our monthly gift. If you don’t know what this is go to my twitch channel, and type !gift.

Also wanted to give a huge thank you to TheSunnyMachine for creating the site with me, this individual made this project a reality. Thank you to all of you for being part of this, its a blast, really hope we keep retaining individuals as down to earth as we have in our community now. Don’t forget we are live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9AM (EST).

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