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Hello everyone, hope your all getting excited for the Holidays. Just finished one of our streams and thought this would be a great second edition to the blog, that technically you all have no idea about yet, but by the time you read this you will! We had a few issues during the stream today, as inconvenient and frustrating as it may be it as lit that fire under me to finally invest into switching from a single PC streaming setup to a dual PC setup.

We played the newly released game call Immortal Fenyx Rising, released on all consoles, but the game seemed to be very intesive and taxing on the newly upgraded PC. After a bit of research, the game as many others have experienced and stated, is not optimized very well and seems to be thorn to streamers who really focus on production quality such as I/we do. This title was one I was looking forward to playing max graphics with no pixelating/grain effect from high resolution/bitrate. Unfortunately that was not the case. We could have turned the quality down a bit, but I’m pretty stuborn and eventually I wanted to jump to the dual setup, so this was the excuse I used.

New PC parts ordered, new CPU/motherboard (10900k) ordered for the what is now our streaming rig and GPU(3060ti) ordered for our gaming rig. Now the dread of having to rebuild and swap parts yet again. For those who are new to our community, we just rebuilt the gaming PC from the bottom up and kept our old GPU about a month or two ago, along with building a PC from some spare parts for my wife, and a media PC for our living room. I always got some type of computer build going on, its super fun, but can be a bit repetitive at times when you building more than your playing the PC. Hope everyone is having a good week, hope to have some extra days myself to take a break and just relax and watch some anime, and go in hibernation.

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