Welcome to the “Blog of Kentai”

This blog will include all that is happening with the brand at least once each week. Things such as games being streamed, special events, other possible opportunities/endeavors, new merchandise, and upcoming giveaways.

This website has been fun to create, it was the last little project for the stream that I told myself I would have created once we hit 1500 followers. I’m not one to really abide by the meta of streaming and do celebration/milestone streams, subathons, or stuff like that.

I mean it when I say, this is and wont be not a monetary endeavor for myself or community. It was a way to connect to people and make friends for a busy guy, and still feel like I had a social life to some extent. The brand has grown a ton and am happy to offer you all this website as the final puzzle piece to tie what we have created here together.

This site took a lot longer due to my job revving up for the holidays, working 12 hour nights, six days a week on third shift will take a toll on you. For awhile during this lead up to the holiday season I truly considered taking a break from one of my days of streaming, but quickly realized how much I really use our mornings as an escape and stress reliever. As always, looking forward, lots of new games, hidden gems from the past will be coming to the stream. We have the dual PC setup in our sites going forward to eliminate any restrictions for future streams on more graphically focused games.

Big and fun stuff coming to the House of Kentai, but we will keep that chill atmosphere we always have had.

Thank you all for reading, and see you in the mornings.


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